Overall: I was pretty impressed with my recent visit to the restaurant@atsloane. It was chill, the food was pretty great & service was nice. The front desk staff of the hotel, are a little cold but it’s Chelsea so..🙃

Vibes: I really like how they’ve separated the restaurant, so it doesn’t feel too busy or full; guests are in little corners of around 3-5 tables, so it feels intimate and like you can really breathe and loose track of time there. Though I’m not in Chelsea often, this will be my new go-to spot whenever I am.

Price: It’s a little pricey, I ended up spending around £50 and that was just for a chicken main, a side of rice, a bottle of water & service charge.

Food: though my food looks incredibly bland, it was well seasoned plus the chicken came with a curry sauce, as well as a seasoned mango chutney, both were rich in flavour.

The menu is very seafood heavy and is basically identical to the@hotelcostes (same owner) menu, even down to the fact that it’s predominantly written in French.

You have to call them for a restaurant reservation at the moment (no online booking, not sure why) but depending on the time you go, I’m sure they’ll be able to accommodate walk in’s too.

Anyways, it’s not cheap but it is solid and so nice to be surrounded by such classic & rich interiors, without it feeling too bold, so I would definitely recommend.