The LaLee London

So the@thelaleechelseaat the@belmondcadogan, do a 2 (£45) or 3 (£60) course Sunday roast. I freaking love a good roast and so when the Belmond team invited me, I was ready 😬 so here are my thoughts..

• I always like an open kitchen and they were so peaceful in theirs. Everything seemed so calm & organised.

• Really nice options for the starters and I actually found I was fairly full by the time my roast came 😅 (I had the soup)

@deesbasement&@jadesola_musicliked & was impressed by their dessert spread, I was too full at this point but could appreciate them

• staff were nice, I think some were new so they weren’t 100% sure about some things but overall good vibes.

• I would say from a price point of view, though everything was cool, I would prefer if a drink was included in the set meal price just so you know that when you’re paying £45 or 60, that’s it. There’s nothing else you need to worry about besides extras you might want, as I feel like it’s a little high but it is somewhat justified by the dessert buffet & I get it, it’s literally at the Belmond.

I do think it’s a great way for people to be introduced to the luxury brand as a stay in one of their hotels or on their trains isn’t something most people could casually do, so definitely head to the LaLee to try their roast as an introduction to Belmond👌🏾