Aman Kyoto Resort

It rained for most of my time at the@aman_kyoto. As a Londoner I was hardly phased by this but what did surprise me, was how the mundane rain that I’m so used to, felt so special and almost nostalgic here.

I had to tell myself to get a grip, as if I hadn’t seen rain in a while. It could have been because I was in Kyoto, or because I was walking through an ancient forest, or just cause I was pulling up to an@aman, (which is always an emotional experience) I nevertheless was in my feels and excited for this press stay.

I’d liken the grounds to those from the animation My Neighbour Totoro. The trees are huge, the paths imperfect and varying bird sounds fill the air. It’s one of those places that you can’t quite believe is real.

The rooms have this indoor/outdoor vibe to them. With floor to ceiling windows that can be fully opened so you’re truly immersed into the forest. Though I want brace to do that, especially as it was raining, still experiencing the immersion into the forest from behind the glass was still pretty extraordinary.

Also the Tatami lined floor at this hotel is also where my love for Tatami mats truly began.

Like all Aman’s the spa & wellness area is something special & you can request for specific things too even if they’re not on the menu. I wanted a breath work & stretching class and naturally they made it happen. I arrived early one morning to a natural light lit room. The windows were open and you could hear the heavy rainfall. I specifically didn’t take my phone as a means to try and be in the moment but dang I wish I could have captured the moment too. I then spent some time in the Onsen (a hot spring). I don’t think I’ll ever tire of being fully enveloped in hot water.

The hotel is small, with 24 suites & 2 villas but it’s the kind of place you envision when you’re seeking serenity, peace & thoughtfulness — the Aman Kyoto is a truly special hotel.