Aman New York

As you would expect, nothing is too big & everything is possible. Whether it was the front desk staff or my masseuse, everyone seemed wildly passionate, informed & just eager to ensure my needs were met, it can be quite disorientating when always being met with such genuine positivity, especially in a place like NYC but it’s a welcome feeling.

ok, one thing I feel the hotel doesn’t fully communicate well (perhaps on purpose) is that it’s an all suite hotel. So many feel like it’s unnecessarily priced high but when you look any luxury hotel suite in New York the prices are fairly comparable. Instead of starting with a typical Queen Room,@amanewyork’s room categories starts with a deluxe suite that measures between 718-748 sq ft (which is HUGE for New York) with all of them featuring fire places, bath tubs & a walk-in shower.

Rooms start at $2k a night & include breakfast. Just for comparison, a room of a similar size at other luxury hotels, that don’t have the same cool Aman vibe, service or breakfast included are charging $3k+

It’s calm, dark & cocoon like ways make you feel like you’re somewhere remote. Don’t expect to find trendy chairs or instagramable areas, this hotel has been built as a sanctuary not a spectacle.

Between arva (yes their Italian restaurant is called arva..great minds right 😬) and Nama, their incredible Japanese restaurant, I thought their food was pretty impressive.

— In conclusion, the hotel is for someone who wants to be in the city, perhaps for work but that wants to stay somewhere that feels truly relaxing to contrast with the busy nature of New York City.