Blue Palace Resort

Rooms were spacious, light, airy and comfortable. You could easily spent loads of time in them and they instantly felt like home. Room type : Superior Pool Bungalow w/ Sea View.

Due to the islands disposition, things are quite far away, so expect to walk quite a bit even just within the resort. Getting from our room to the Japanese restaurant could easily take 10ish minutes (which isn’t ideal when you’re usually 5 mins late for reservations 😅) but there are golf carts available, so just be sure to book them in advance.

I think I had the best food on Crete at this hotel. I stayed at 3 hotels during my visit and I was truly blown away by all of the cuisines st the blue palace, truly a great resort for food.

Staff were really nice & helpful, though tbh I think that’s just a Crete thing in general but it’s nice that everyone is still so attentive and nice.

The room’s interiors were calm, soft & perfect for hot weather. It’s very easy to feel relaxed in them.

Bathrooms were a little dark and dated but everything was super clean & fine to use.

Would I go back? 100% I just wish they’d update their spa because it didn’t reflect the same quality and luxury nature the rest of the resort did.