Having spent exactly 24 hours there, here’s what I learnt/feel:

• they take service very seriously. The team want to ensure you have everything you need and don’t make you feel bad about your specific requests.

• I noticed that the serving staff, especially room service team were slightly older and I can’t help but think that’s because some of individuals have probably grown with the hotel and take pride in their positions and see them as a duty and it’s reflected in their care & approach to service.

• the attention to detail and taste of the food was truly incredible. From the chicken pie & mash to the waffles & berries, everything was personalised and just so high quality, I can’t express how impressed I was.

• there’s a mix of old & new world rooms; what I mean is they keep a balance of the traditional with the contemporary and I think it’s cool that they give you the option, so as to not isolate any customer.

• their lifts have seats in them; probably one of their most famous features but damn, it’s cool. Their lifts are also touch/motion activated which is never seen before.

• it’s busy in a cool way. Like the morning of someone’s wedding, the lobby area feels excitedly busy, as if there’s something very important and cool being set-up; don’t worry there are many alcoves from bars to business centres where you can get a chill moment but I kinda loved the lobby vibes.

• rooms typically start at about £1k so this is far from a casual stay but what I will say is if you are looking to stay somewhere special, this would be worth it. So often I’ll spend a decent amount on a room and have high expectations only to be let down by service, food, speed etc but I’m fairly confident you will love your time at Claridges. 🌞