Cretan Malia Park

So it might not always be the case but when we went there were SO many kids but specifically young (under 5) kids and not only did they seem like they were living their best life’s but their parents seemed to be loving life too; there was a whole schedule for kids and on one of the days, there was even a kids disco that took over one of the main areas and it was soo cute. This resort is definitely great for small families.

As it’s on a flatter part of the island it’s really easy to get around the resort, making it a lot more accessible and ideal for anyone with a pushchair. No real spa presence so just a heads up but the gym was outdoor and kind of cool.

Food was nice, family/wholesome vibes. A lot of private pool areas attached to certain rooms but if you didn’t have one of those rooms (which we didn’t) there wasn’t really a “chill” pool to hang out by or in as the main one was overrun with children 😬 that said you are really close to the ocean so that’s a plus.

Rooms were comfortable; not my go-to aesthetic but the main lounge area had a really cool design led edge to it with a range of comfy yet chic chairs & sofas. Air conditioning/heating is controlled by a central unit, meaning individual rooms can’t control their temperatures and when we checked in some of the families thought it was cold so they had the heating on but I was so hot ~ in the end they brought me a basic fan 🫠

Extremely affordable and good value, especially if you go all-inclusive. Would I go back? Probably not BUT that’s just cause it’s not the right place for me. I’d 100% recommend it to anyone who has small kids and wants somewhere with a bit of a design led surrounding 👌🏾