Gleneagles Townhouse Edinburgh

It’s the kind of hotel you stay at if you want something traditional but updated. What I mean by that is you’ll have the classic essence but it’s not old and so the finishes, the vibe, heck even the smell wont be like the typical “old manor hotels” instead you can enjoy that cosy atmosphere without compromising on the quality.

One of my favourite hotel bathrooms. The rich green tiles, underfloor heating, the gold hardware, it all felt so classic and yet I loved it.

Main restaurant is pretty great, extensive menu, chic brasserie vibes; just not the room service menu is different so be sure to try both at some point.

From a decorative point of view I loved the hotel’s use of velvets, tapestry’s and deep toned colours, you can’t help but feel like you’re in something historic, something character filled, which totally fits the Edinburgh vibe.

It was a fleeting trip so I didn’t have time to do my usual full tour of the grounds but I’m 99% sure that there wasn’t a pool or extensive spa facilities which I think a hotel of that nature should really have, that said they do offer treatments & fitness classes.

Service was good! A little slow at times but staff were quite friendly. Perfect location, walking distance to so much!

I know it’s part of the vibe but it’s quite a dark hotel, so don’t go there if you love open spaces filled with natural light, you won’t get it but equally it’s vibe is charming and perfect for this season. Oh & the best was extremely comfortable. I’m talking, lie down on the bed for a second and then next thing you realise, you passed out in all it’s warm, enveloping comfort.

Would for sure go back, room start at around £600 so it’s on the pricier side, especially as the rooms aren’t big but it’s vibe, food & friendly staff are worth the stay 👌🏾