Hotel du Sentier Paris

With rooms that average around £250 per night, Hôtel du Sentier is one of the slightly more affordable new Parisian hotels.

There aren’t really any hotel facilities and the lobby is quite small but they make up for it by ensuring that the rooms are quite spacious which is pretty unheard of in Paris, especially within this price point.

Staff were genuinely really nice, friendly & helpful and one night when I wanted an impromptu dinner party, they essentially let me take over their lobby (that has by folding windows) and so had this cute indoor, outdoor vibe to it which was perfect as it was actually a warm evening.

The hotel’s food is pretty great and I find that’s rare in boutique Parisian hotels. The room service and food offering tends to be basic but I found myself eating there multiple times, which really says a lot.

It’s somewhat built into a shop arcade, which feels cool especially at night as you feel like you’ve got this behind the scenes look into a place you shouldn’t be allowed to be in, but I found it all added to its charm.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, means it’s perfectly placed between Le Marais and the central parts of Paris, making it a very accessible and useful place to be located.

From a decor perspective, they had these chic walnut custom headboards and varying timeless stones in the bathroom. The huge windows meant that a lot of natural light poured in and the open plan nature of the rooms was really quite relaxing but you had the option to separate with linen curtains.

The restaurant is clearly a local favourite as it was always busy & had that classic Parisian bistro vibe that you picture in the movies, with the seating area spilling out onto the local square.

Would I stay again? For sure! I had a great experience there and though it wasn’t mind blowing it’s a very solid, comfortable, easy going & chic option for your next visit to Paris.