Hotel Sanders

During my recent trip to Copenhagen I also stayed at@hotelsanders.

Here are some of my notes & thoughts:

• room type : sanders bedroom.

• very warm & cosy vibes. The downstairs area feels like a living room which is so nice and especially on a cold or rainy morning, it’s the perfect place to hang out. There isn’t much natural light in this area and so its quite dark, which means it’s very easy to loose track of time whilst you’re chilling there, which I like.

• value for money wise, I would say it’s not great. This room cost £575 per night and I couldn’t even stand up right in most of it 🤦🏾‍♀️, it would be better suited around the £250-300 mark. Obviously it was a peak week but I don’t like when prices increase so crazily but the experience doesn’t match it.

• i really liked the breakfast. Honestly no changes and that’s rare!

• interiors are cool; lots of rattan, warm tones & cute art. Definitely warmer than your typical danish hotel interior.

• staff were ok..some super friendly & some not so much. I know fashion week is stressful for everyone but I just had way too many not great encounters for me to not mention it.

• if you can, join the platform “virtuoso” as you’ll get some pretty good benefits with your booking like, free breakfast, late check out etc, these things made me feel a little less bad about paying so much for a tiny room in the roof 🫠 & yes I did look at the photos (obviously) and it was different to where I stayed.

Would I stay there again? I dunno, it’s pretty expensive considering the size, low ceiling & vibe of my room.. would I go back for breakfast? 100% you will see me having breakfast there the next time I’m in town. 🥓🥞🧃