Maison Delano Paris

Ok so the first thing you need to know about @maisondelano is that there are two sides to the hotel. The classic Parisian and the modern.

I’m gonna tell you right now, you wanna stay on the classic Parisian side. I was initially given a modern room and it was clean, perfectly not offensive but far from worth the £700 per night price tag. So naturally I explained my disappointment to reception and they informed me about the classic/modern sides & found me a room on the classic side. These photos are of my classic room. I’ll feature the modern side another day through a video room tour I shot before I moved rooms.

Ok so that out of the way, some things to note:

* It doesn’t get any better than this location. Truly just so perfect.

* The breakfast was legit. I don’t even eat breakfast often and I still really loved theirs, everything was giving luxury!

* The Bathroom decor is pretty strange, interesting sink shapes, all black & white. I guess it was art-sy but I found them to be quite a bizarre juxtaposition to the really chic & cool room.

* They take a €100 daily security deposit

* Genuinely great and nice service. They always tried their best, they were always really friendly and smiley. Probably some of the best service I’ve experienced at a Parisian hotel.

* Facilities/Amenities wise, I wish there was more, it was very limited, no spa, very small lobby etc but they had a cute bar & restaurant.

Overall pretty pricey for what you’re getting, but I suppose the prices are inflated due to its insanely good location. It’s worth it to stay here for the nice staff, classic parisian rooms & chic breakfast. I used my@americanexpressukto book it and so I got lots of cool benefits which definitely made me like the experience more so defo try to book with some sort of reward scheme, like them or@tablethotelsor@virtuosoltdso it feels like you’re getting a little more for your money.