Petunia Ibiza

There’s a lot of great open spaces around the hotel, meaning everyone has the chance to chill in an outdoor space whether it’s private or public, there are quite a few opportunities for outdoor chilling. The rooms are designed simply, but are very comfortable & are equipped with a built in AC/Heater which a lot of boutique hotels in rural parts of Spain, don’t always have, so I appreciated this big time.

Peachy, terracotta & creamy tones can be found all around the hotel which makes everywhere automatically look pretty chic. Though there wasn’t any super exciting furniture, the some-what traditional nature of the hotels design feels charming and I really enjoyed my time there.

Service was good just not always consistent but it’s a newly re-opened hotel, so these are things that I feel will be ironed out over time.

Rooms start at around €450 & breakfast is included in the nightly rate. Everyone I talk to is telling me how expensive Ibiza has become and I think this is an example of what they mean. Is this a nice hotel? 100% but I did think it was a little pricey considering I wouldn’t classify it was a luxury hotel BUT it’s peak season, so I get it.

Breakfast is included and is buffet style, with a la carte options that are also all included. If you love cheese & meets, you’re going to love the breakfast. It’s a pretty great Spanish spread.

Dinner there was also really great too, so it’s worth eating there at least one night during your stay.

I didn’t try the room service but the menu was quite basic and I didn’t get a chance to try lunch but I heard good things.

Would I recommend? Yes as it’s a nice hotel with friendly staff & incredibly cool views of Es Vedrà (google it) ⛰️