Warren Street Hotel

Warren Street Hotel

The new Warren Street Hotel has everything you would expect from a @firmdale_hotels @kitkempdesignthread property..a crazy amount of commissioned art pieces, whimsical headboards & fabric wallpaper.

With rooms starting at $1025 per night, I’d say it’s fairly expensive and would have thought around the $700 mark would be a little more in line for the smallest room category, especially as breakfast isn’t included in that rate & of course you still have all of the typical NYC taxes on top.

Service is great and breakfast is easily the best meal they serve.

The rooms are all so different but what impressed me the most on the tour was the room sizes. Even the smallest category didn’t have that typical cramped New York vibe to it, which is great. Between the floor to ceiling windows, great natural light, open plan rooms, high ceilings & impressive colour and fabric stories, it’s a really great new hotel option.

Besides the restaurant & a cute study, there are no other areas (eg. A gym, spa, recreational area etc) within the hotel, which I thought was surprising and was a little disappointed by that but I’ve been told TriBeca is a fairly residential area so perhaps they were trying to keep that in mind and minimise the ‘non-accommodation’ draws to the hotel to appease neighbours.

I think we all know, especially from my recent apartment reveal that the go-to firmdale design vibe isn’t necessarily synonymous with my usual tastes and preferred aesthetics but that hasn’t stopped them from being one of my favourite hotel groups for quite some time now; a big reason behind this is because they always just feel so thought through and complex, I really feel like I’m in someone’s extremely boujee but cool house and so the hotels always tend to feel quite welcoming, and like every item has a story or a reason behind them being included.