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In The Zone

It took me a while to find somewhere I really liked but moving into my first ever solo apartment late last year was easily one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done and so it’s extremely cool to be sharing with all of you, this exclusive first look into my space, that’s featured in the 11th of February edition of The Sunday Times Style.

To truly know me, is to know that creatively directing & designing hotels is one of my best future plans and so I genuinely saw designing this apartment partly as if I was designing a cool hotel suite; and so there’s that fun mix of practicality combined with whimsical elements, that a lot of the best hotel suites embody. The space is a pretty perfect reflection of where I am aesthetically at the moment and I really look forward to hearing all of your thoughts & continuing to design spaces.

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Photos by Felix Speller - Styling by Studio Arva