yuzu & pear spritz - 750ml (Set of 4)

£20.00 GBP £40.00

arva spritz's are non-alcoholic drinks that are best served chilled.

Our yuzu and pear spritz has a refreshing taste due to the layered, bright & tangy notes of Japanese yuzu, which is composed of yuzu juice, oil & essence, combined with the light & earthy sweetness of the pear.

This is our sample production round & we’re still fine tuning aspects of the packaging and so instead of the usual price of £12 per bottle (£40 for 4), this round will be priced at £5 per bottle (£20 for 4).

There might be imperfections with the packaging but the recipe is great, so we know you’ll still enjoy your drinks.

We’ve noticed a slight error on the packaging of this sample round. It states that the drinks “best before date is 30th of July, when in fact it is 30th of December”; whether you keep them unopened in the fridge or in a cool dry place, they will be fine for consumption til December 31st.


Shipping will currently just be within the UK.

Non-Alcoholic | No artificial flavours or colours | Vegan 

Best served chilled, after giving a light shake and poured over ice.

Sold in a set of 4 x 750ml glass bottles.

Please note that the sediments at the bottom of the bottle are from the fresh juice used in the production of the drink.

All orders are final, thank you.


Our bottles are only available for click and collect, NOT delivery.

Click and collect will be from our East London Studio on the following Saturdays:

June 29th, July 6th & July 20th

Be sure to state in the order notes which date you want to pick up your order.